RRSD Community Update

December 13, 2021

District #35 Happenings

The summer before entering 5th grade at Rogue River Elementary School, I got the news that I would be assigned to Mr. Darland's classroom. I was excited because I had heard great things about him. That year I was not disappointed in my time learning with Mr. Darland.

Imagine my joy when Mr. Darland walked into my office last week to say hello! I had not seen him in 40 years, yet here was one of my teaching heroes come to congratulate me on returning to the RRSD. Not only was I blessed by his thoughtfulness to come and welcome me back, but I was able to bless him with my expression of gratitude for all the work he put in helping me and hundreds of other children grow and learn in the RRSD.

A great teacher or school employee can make such an impact on a student's life. I had many great ones in Rogue River that helped me become who I am today.

I encourage you to take some extra time this holiday season and let our school employees know that you appreciate the work they are doing for your children.

Winter Weather is Here!:

  • If weather necessitates a delay or closure of school, you will be notified by our Blackboard Connect system via email, text, or phone call, depending on what you requested when filling out your registration. Local news stations will be notified, and we will post information on our district web page if we are able.
  • You may have received the Weather Closure Procedure during registration. If not, please click here.

Clarification on Vaccines for Students:

  • Students down to age 5 are eligible for COVID-19 vaccines. See your Doctor or health provider for details.
  • There is no vaccine mandate for students in Oregon at this time.
  • The RRSD is not considering a vaccine mandate for students.
  • The Oregon Health Authority has indicated that if they decide to require COVID-19 vaccines for students to attend schools in Oregon, it would most likely not be in place until the 2022-2023 school year.
  • If the state mandates any vaccines for student attendance, RRSD must follow that mandate. To date, all vaccine mandates for students in Oregon allow for exemptions for medical and religious reasons.

Looking Ahead:

  • The JSHS play Murder on the 518, will have its final performance on December 16th at 7:00 p.m. Make sure to check it out.
  • Winter Break begins December 18th. Students return to classes on January 3, 2022.
  • Semester 2 will end on January 27, 2002.


  • Kelly Gibson and Todd Rose: They are putting on our first full theater production since the Pandemic started. Over 35 students were involved and learned a ton about production, acting, staging, and the power of a theatrical presentation.

  • Cecil Felkins: For his extraordinary efforts in getting SVA's Maker Space up and running.

    He and his students are currently creating personalized ornaments for families, with the proceeds supporting the Maker Space.

  • Wendy Barnwell: Wendy has been a rock in our West Side team. She is always filling a niche, looking for solutions and serving our families and students. She has helped us with tutoring a student who needed it most and is ALWAYS here, even when life sends challenges.

  • Cheryl Hansen: Cheryl is a positive and inviting voice and smile in the West office. She has filled missing roles; problem solved technology and helped our teachers get the tools they need.

  • Rebecca Moulder: Rebecca has been described by a local professional as a "sensor" for feeling and seeing what her students need to be successful and looking for solutions to academic and behavioral challenges.