Diversity & Equity Newsletter

December 2021

December is Universal Human Rights Month

On December 10th in 1948 the United Nations wrote the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Simplified, the 30 rights outlined in this declaration are:

  1. We are all born free & equal.
  2. No Discrimination. These rights belong to everybody, whatever our differences.
  3. We have the right to life, and to live in freedom and safety.
  4. Nobody has the right to make us a slave, or to keep slaves.
  5. Nobody has the right to hurt or torture us.
  6. These rights are universal, no matter where you go.
  7. We are all equal before the law.
  8. Our human rights are protected by the law.
  9. We have the right to not be unfairly detained
  10. We have the right to a fair and public trail.
  11. We are always innocent until we are proven guilty.
  12. We all have the right to privacy.
  13. We have the right to travel within our own country.
  14. We have the right to seek a safe place to live, including fleeing our own country.
  15. We have the right to belong to a country.
  16. We have the right to marriage and family, if desired.
  17. We have the right to our own things.
  18. We have freedom of thought. We can think and believe what we want, including religion, and change those thoughts and beliefs as we want.
  19. We have the freedom of expression. We can think what we want and share it with others.
  20. We have the right to public assembly. We can gather with friends to peacefully defend our rights. We can not be forced to join a group.
  21. We have a right to take part in the government of our own country. We can choose our leaders.
  22. We have the right to affordable housing, medicine, education, and childcare, enough money to live on and medical help if we are ill or old.
  23. We have the right to work, earn a fair wage, and join a union.
  24. We have the right to rest from work and to play.
  25. We have the right to food and shelter.
  26. We have the right to education.
  27. We have the right to copyright our creations.
  28. We have the right to a fair and free world.
  29. We have a responsibility to one another to protect these rights and freedoms.
  30. Nobody can take away these human rights.

Upcoming Events

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ASUA's Diversity & Equity Committee Presents: On The Spectrum - a panel series featuring Autistic Adults

Saturday, Dec. 11th, 10:30-11:30am

This is an online event.

Join us for the first panel in our series featuring adults on the spectrum. This panel’s topic is Daily Life. We will be covering questions related to independence, working, volunteering, services, making time for special interests, and more! This is your chance to ask any questions!

Stay tuned for future topics including:

  • Communication
  • Self-Advocacy
  • Education
  • Relationship Experiences

RSVP to Trish@AStepUpAcademy.org by Dec 10th for the Zoom Link!

On The Spectrum Panels - Interest Survey

The Diversity and Equity Committee will be hosting panel-style workshops featuring adults on the autism spectrum. Please fill out this form so we can see what topics and questions you might like to have covered during these sessions.

Diversity Terminology & Language Glossary

Check out the Diversity Terminology & Language Glossary for current terms and language used to talk about diversity topics. This document will be frequently updated to keep on top of the ever-changing conversations about language usage.

Diversity & Equity Suggestion Box

Do you have a topic or issue for the Diversity & Equity Committee to discuss? Have you found a resource, tool, etc you think would be beneficial to our goals? Do you have any questions or suggestions? This form is anonymous.

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