How Yawning Works

By Ryan Buckley

What is a yawn

A yawn is an involuntary action in which your mouth opens wide for you to take a deep breath. Your body does this to get rid of the carbon dioxide

Why are yawns contagoius

Yawns start becoming contagious around the age of four. If you look at someone while they are yawning it is almost impossible not to yawn. The reason being is empathy. Contagious yawning helps bonding between other peers. People with autism are half as likely to yawn back when someone yawns in front of them.

yawning guaranteed to cool down the brain

Frequently asked questions

  • who started the study of yawning?
  • Greek Physician Hippocrates started the study of yawning. He started the idea that you yawned when you were hot, that was why when you had a fever you yawned more.
  • Does yawning make you tired?
  • professor Christian Hess, came up with the idea that yawning was like a from of communication. She thought it reset peoples biological time clocks. And with this theory she thought that yawning could make a group of people either tired, awake, or what ever the person that yawned felt.