Being an AIESECer

Are you doing your bit?

I dare you...

I dare you to step out of this country , land up at an airport of a strange country, face a language barrier, try to get a cab to another strange location alone, get lost while finding that place and end up spending your weeks budget on the cab.

I dare you to stay by yourself with strangers around you and try to find out where the people are who assured you they'll be there for you.

I dare you to get lost in a city and cry your way back to what they call a 'temporary home'.

Is this an experience you would expect if you went on an AIESEC exchange?

Or do you want to feel welcomed to another country like it's always been your second home?

Do you want to be fully informed about everything to feel safe and loved?

Do you want to take back friends for life from this country you go to?

Im sure you do.

So think about the ones who leave their families, spend a fortune to come work in your city taking this big leap of faith. Believing in the concept of 'Mumbaikars'

AIESEC in Mumbai, it's time we made that number on the system an experience delivered in the best manner possible, it's time we made that number a memory.