EV Staff News

October 8, 2018

One Year Later

This Monday, October 8 marks the anniversary of the fires. The one year anniversary of the fires have come. This time last year all planned activities stopped, and life's most important things were put clearly into perspective. Regardless of your experiences, we saw the strength of our community to support each other both during and after the ordeal. We also saw the pivotal role our school district plays in the Valley as SVUSD ran the shelter in Sonoma for a full week.

For me, this time last year out into perspective what truly matters. The health and well being of our loved ones is most important. As a school we responded by opening our doors to our community. We served over 1000 individuals with basic needs of food, clothing, masks, water and a charging station. People came to us because they trust us as well as the profound sense of community we have built here at EV.

Many of you have decided to let this day pass as any other, others are going to write notes to firefighters and law enforcement, some may decide to do a morning meeting where students can express gratitude or other feelings.

Follow the lead of your students to determine what should be discussed. If your class decides to do any writing, art, or other work related to the anniversary, feel free to send me photos and I can post on social media.

I have also linked slides for a Morning Meeting you can use on Monday. There is one for primary and another for upper. Special thanks to Jillian Beale of Dunbar fame for putting these together!

Special thanks to J. Sutter, E. Sanchez Moseley, J. Beale and A. Ryan! They inspire me to be better everyday. The opening paragraph of this note was written by Jason and the morning meeting by Jillian. Thank you all!

Life Can Change in a Moment

These are a couple of pictures from a year ago, of our community installing Neubacher Bench to how life can change in a few hours. The common theme is that we are all in this together. We are a strong and connected community. Thank you for all you do for our families and community.