Chasing Ice

Abraham Rodriguez


The purpose of this film Chasing Ice informs the audience that ice glaciers and icebergs are melting due to climate change and there is evidence proving it and it's happening because of us.

Example 1

The image shows that it took 100 years for the glacier to retreat 8 miles from 1900 to 2000 and from 2000 to 2010 it retreated 9 miles, so in 10 years it retreated more than it had in the previous 100 years.
Big image

Example 2: Calving

The clip shows the largest calving filmed by Chasing Ice. Calving is the breaking of ice chunks from the edge of the glacier that fall into the water. Ice breaks because of the forward motion of a glacier makes the terminus unstable.
"CHASING ICE" captures largest glacier calving ever filmed - OFFICIAL VIDEO

Example 3: Retreating Ice

The clip below shows proof of ice melting and retreating 2.5 miles in 3 years.
Chasing Ice- Retreating Glaciers


After watching the film, it makes me wonder how the ice glaciers look now and how far they have retreated since 2012 the year the film was released. ice melting is causing the sea level to rise which can cause floods in some areas. We are destroying animal habitats. There has been a climate change happening since forever and something needs to be done bout it.
Below you can watch the full documentary.