Amazing Aztecs

By: Ryann and Naomi


  • Houses were made out of adobe
  • Nobles' houses were made out of limestone
  • Some houses had terraces as a roof
  • Houses were divided in to four parts


  • corn, squash, and tomatoes were the main crops
  • Chinampas, floating gardens, were twenty ft. wide and three hundred ft. long
  • a digging stick was a tool they used if they could not afford a plow


  • There used to be three rulers of the Mexico's empire now, there is one
  • Tenochtitlan was named after the Aztec's name Tenochca
  • Aztecs never called themselves Aztecs but called themselves Mexica or Tenchca
  • Spanish and the Tlexcaltecas led by Cortes conquered the Aztecs on August 13, 1521