Health Care

Not many people can afford basic health care

Why People Can't Afford Basic Health Care.

Most Americans are well aware of the many problems with the current health care system in the United States. Lack of access to affordable health insurance and rising health care costs is of great concern to many Americans. Many working families worry about getting sick or injured because they cannot afford health insurance or basic health care. Many individuals are turned away from insurance companies because of a pre-existing medical condition or illness. Others lose their health insurance when they are laid off from work or change jobs.

Barack Obama (pro)

President Obama believes that quality, affordable health insurance you can rely on is a key part of middle-class security. By putting a stop to insurance company abuses, Obamacare is giving millions of Americans peace of mind.

Mitt Romney (NC)

Romney is a supporter of universal health care. However, he wants to delegate its implementation to state level. He is against financial penalties for those who fail to comply with mandates. And similar to the Ryan plan, Romney proposes to divert money from Medicaid and other federal source of funding to the states.