Refugee PSA

By Daniel Herrero

Why should people care about this issue.

All people should have the right at a chance to try to get new hope, and have a chance at being better off.

Where is this shown today in the real world?

This is shown today in all the countries involved in famine, war, or persecution, and the innocent citizens being affected by all those issues. People are trying to leave those countries to get better chances elsewhere. Huge numbers of refugees are leaving their countries, and trying to settle down in new, more stable, countries.

New world, New hope, Hello America

My six word story is talking about someone, or a group of people, deciding to move to America to seek out new hope or happiness. Perhaps they are a refugee in a war torn country. Maybe they are in a very poor country and want to move to America for a better chance at economic security.

How This Connects to Unit 1

The people may being moved out of their country because globalization ruined their culture, or they were forced to work in factories by the government to produce products.

How this connects to Unit 2

This person or group of people may be moving to America, because of a war or other bad situation pushing them out. Or they could be pulled out of their country by hearing about how good America is.

How this connects to Unit 3

This person or group of people may have been moved out of their country because their religion was attacked by other belief systems. Then they moved to America for freedom of religion.

How this connects to Unit 4

People are leaving their country to get better human rights, they may have little rights in their country.