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What is Pi Day?

If you love math, you probably know that today is Pi Day! Our 4th, 5th, and 6th graders learn about Pi and how useful it is in circle-related math problems. Check out the video below to learn more about this celebration of Pi. AND, if you are looking for a way to celebrate Pi Day, Unami Middle School is running a Math Family Fun Night tonight for all CBSD elementary students and families. More information about this event below.
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Submitted by Ashlynne H., & Beatrice T.

Kindness Week

Next week, Student Council will be sponsoring our annual Kindness Week. Our theme is “Color the World with Kindness” and the quote for it is: “We are a box of crayons, each of us is unique, but when we get together, the picture is complete!” The goal of our week is to encourage students to celebrate diversity that exists in the world & our Warwick community. Below is a snapshot of the MANY activities we have planned for the week! You will be receiving detailed information about the event in your child’s classroom mailbox.

  • Notecard Design Activity – artwork due Mon., March 18th
  • Start with Hello Day – Mon., March 18th
  • Kindness & Diversity notecard sales – Tues. March 20th – Wednesday 27th
  • Mix It Up Days at Lunch – Tues., March 19th & Thurs. March 21st
  • Color Our World Day – Wed. March 20th, students should wear the following colors based on their grade:

K – orange

1 – red

2 – orange

3 – green

4 – yellow

5 – purple

6 – blue

  • Kindness & Diversity Celebration Bingo Board – all week
  • Kindness & Diversity Scavenger Hunt – all week
  • Kindness Heart Hunt – in classroom all week
  • Kindness videos & optional classroom games/lessons – all week
  • Cancer Support Community Fundraiser– all week
  • Kindness Missions & crayon symbols – all week
  • What Makes Me Unique Showcase - entries by Friday, March 22nd
  • Celebrate Diversity Day (Food, Clothes, etc.) – Friday, March 22nd
  • Staff casual for cause day – Friday March 22nd & 27th
  • Fundraiser Pretzel Sale ( $1.00) – Friday, March 22nd

Cancer Support Community of Greater Philadelphia Fundraiser

In conjunction with our Kindness & Diversity Celebration week, our student body voted to support those impacted by cancer for this month’s charity. Student council will be making donations to the Cancer Support Community of Greater Philadelphia. The organization is comprised of Gilda’s Club in Warminster & The Suzanne Morgan Wellness Center in Fairmont Park. The programs offered to support those who are diagnosed with cancer as well as their family, friends, survivors, and those who have lost a loved one from the disease.

There will be a collection jar, a pretzel sale, a staff causal day AND our kindness & diversity notecard sales to help us raise funds for the organization. In addition, we’ll be collecting the following item throughout the week:

Backpacks & school supplies

Paper towels

Paper plates


Toilet paper

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CBSD Community School Offers Shining Knights Chess Club

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100 Year Anniversary Information Gathering

Please complete this linked survey. Your contributions will help us create a celebration of Warwick worthy of its 100-year history.

Check Out the Library Newsletter for March

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Kindergarten Families

While the district calendar identifies tomorrow, Friday, March 15 as a K-6 Early Dismissal Day for Elementary Schools with PM attending, because there have been so many 2-hour delay days where AM Kindergarten has missed school, ONLY AM STUDENTS WILL ATTEND SCHOOL TOMORROW.

Tomorrow, March 15th is a full day of school for students in grades 7-12.

Warwick 2018-2019 Web Calendar

To view the entire Warwick calendar for this school year, click here.

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Tickets are selling out quickly...

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From the Nurse


Please remember that if your child has lice, including live insects or nits that are within ½ inch of the scalp, they are not to come to school until they have been treated with special shampoo. If the lice are found while the student is home, please notify the school nurse at 267-893-4065 or specoraio@cbsd.org. Your child must be rechecked by the school nurse in order to be re-admitted to school. For more information, please read the CBSD Board Lice policy.

CBSD Schools are Latex Free

It is important to note that all schools in Central Bucks School District, including Warwick, are latex-free. Latex is an environmental concern due to student allergies. Parents and visitors should not bring latex products, particularly balloons, into school buildings. Please contact Shawn Pecoraio at 267-893-4065 with any questions or concerns.
Parent/Guardian Volunteer Requirements

Before parents and guardians can volunteer, they must have all necessary clearances. Click here so you are ready when volunteer opportunities arise.

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Help Support Warwick

You can support Warwick while you shop. It is easy! Here is how...

  • Giant A+: Go to https://giantfoodstores.com/ and select SIGN IN or REGISTER. Once Logged in, select MY ACCOUNT, then MANAGE MY ACCOUNT, then REWARDS & SAVINGS. You will need your 11-digit BONUSCARD number and school ID number which is 26483. If you need assistance, cal 1-888-814-4268 option 1.
  • Box Tops: Please clip Box Tops and return them to school.
  • Amazon Smile: Go to Amazon Smile and use the search feature to find Warwick Elementary PTO in Jamison, PA. When shopping at Amazon, use Amazon Smile to benefit Warwick.

Thank you for your continued support!

Warwick Parent Teacher Organization

Click here to learn more about our amazing PTO and how you can get involved!

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Helpful Links:

Note: Parents/Guardians who do not wish to have their students' images shared on social media (i.e., newsletters, Twitter and Facebook) should indicate so on the Student Emergency & Information form found on the Parent Portal.
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We want to hear from you...

In each Warwick Weekly, we will include the opportunity for you to share feedback with us so that we can all continue to learn and grow together. If you have feedback for us, please click here.
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