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TUESDAY August 9, 2022

Communication Card

If you would like to share your praises, prayer requests, leave a comment about how you've been impacted recently or if you have a question about something you've been thinking about, please click here.

Participate in Discipleship

Would you like to walk with someone in the First Principles of following Jesus? Are you willing to serve the body by leading in corporate prayer, reading scripture, praying with those who come to the altar on Sundays? If so, click here.

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Here's Your Giving Report for this Past Week...

Philippians 4:17 ESV

Not that I seek the gift, but I seek the fruit that increases to your credit.

Our ministry to our church family, to our community and to our global partners are all dependent on our regular weekly giving. Thank you for being faithful! May the fruitful ministry of Crossroads increase to your credit.

You see these offering reports each week because it is incumbent upon us to report to you, the Covenant Partner, how the church is doing (meaning we, the Covenant Partners) - the church to whom God has called you to responsibility and privilege.

God has provided for the needs of our church, our community, and global responsibility AND He has done so graciously through our obedience -- leveraging what we have and what we've been given to do ministry among our neighbors here in our community, in our city and around the world. #SoliDeoGloria

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Would You Give a Gift to the Ministry of Jesus Here @ Crossroads?

We have a few projects that MUST BE COMPLETED by early Spring 2022:

  • Dedicated HVAC Units for The Upper Room: $10,000
  • Not a MUST, but the very last of our building renovations is the completion of our church kitchen: $50,000
  • A Dedicated HVAC Unit for The Loft (of the Worship Center): $6000 - INSTALLED AND PAID FOR - PRAISE THE LORD!!!!!
  • New Roof for The Upper Room (educational building): $37,000 - INSTALLED AND PAID FOR - PRAISE THE LORD!!!!

As many of you know, we are living in a time of bizarre supply and demand of building materials and technology, where these prices can change drastically in a week, so these are not guaranteed invoices, only estimates. As the Lord blesses you and your family, would you consider giving to our Building Fund on a regular basis - weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, etc or even plan to give toward the Building Fund off of your Tax Returns in 2022 so that we can pay cash for all three of these projects when we have them done in early Spring 2022?

Global Partner Highlight

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Global Partner Spotlight

Refuge KC (Casebolts) and People Teams (Heusings)

Pray for:

  • Their personal health-spiritual, emotional, physical and financial
  • Their ability to help those they serve with cultural adjustments and the loneliness of being separated from immediate and close family by continents
  • That they would have compassion for others
  • For the management of their time and ministry
  • That C2 would both personally and corporately be a blessing and encouragement to them- financially, prayerfully, and physically thru correspondence and support

Pray that the Gospel message might be loud and clear in their pulpits, in their ministries and in their lives - -- so that all may hear...AND live! We ARE the Church!

Monthly Fellowship - This Thursday!

Each month, Refuge KC hosts a Monthly Fellowship at Eleos Coffee (3401 Independence Avenue). The RKC Fellowship meets to network for the purpose of making disciples among the nations that God is bringing to Kansas City for His glory!! We would love to have you come and share your experiences and/or questions with us! If you are able, please bring a side dish or dessert to share! We will provide the main course. Please let us know that you plan to attend (and how many will come with you) by signing up here: MONTHLY FELLOWSHIP
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How Can You Pray for Our Global Partners?

Have you visited our page with all of the latest updates from our Global Partners who GO and SERVE on behalf of you and your family, taking the Gospel around the world as an extension of Crossroads Church so that others may hear...AND live?

Have you talked to your children about our Global Partners and encouraged them to pray for them in your family prayer time? Click the image to our Missions page or click here.

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How Can We Pray for You and Yours?

If you would like for your church family to pray for you or your family/friends...

  1. You can CLICK HERE to post your request in Church Center's Alerts and Reminders,
  2. You can CLICK HERE to post your request on our Facebook Group, OR
  3. You can CLICK HERE to submit a prayer request through our web form.

Requests submitted will be posted to our private Facebook Group and in C2 Alerts and Reminders Group in Church Center.

  • Continue to pray for Jeff Chrisman's mother/Amanda's mother-in-law:

    Gerry Chrisman went to the hospital last night with stomach pains after dinner and they have admitted her and are running some more tests.

  • Continue to pray for Bob Snell (Jaclyn’s grandpa)
  • Continue to pray for Felicia's “surrogate father”
  • Continue to pray for Richard Destarac and his family as they grieve and adjust to Dolores' entry into the presence of Jesus.
  • Continue to pray for Brenda Larrabee as she continues to undergo experimental treatment and chemo for Stage 4 Mantle Cell Lymphoma.
  • Continue to pray for and support Matt and Molly Sutliffe in the birth of their daughter, Lucy.
  • Continue to pray for and support Stephen and Hannah Pierce in the birth of their first son, Titus Dean.
  • Continue to pray for Amanda Chrisman.
  • Continue to pray for the Holt family as they are hosting Sophia this summer from her home country of Colombia.
  • Continue to pray for Tonia Peters' family as Caleb and Katie maneuver through some mental and emotional struggles with their father. Also, continue to pray for Tonia's husband Todd's mental well-being and their marriage.
  • Continue to pray for Shelby Gregory's co-worker.
  • Continue to pray for Stacy Lybarger's aunt, Ruth Dameron. She had a mass removed and after some testing. She was told she has metastatic carcinoma. It looks like the cancer may have started in her colon.
  • Continue to pray for Cara Neer's cousin, Saige.

Praying over C2 Corporately

This is a hidden page on our website that has a list with 24 sections some with several sub points. They could easily be used as a 24-Hour Prayer Guide. They are also numbered so that you can use them as a Daily Prayer Guide, praying each day of the month for the request that corresponds with the date.

Thru this page you can also access church family prayer requests, share personal prayer requests or praises, or use the OpenDoors link to pray for persecuted believers worldwide.

Click here or go to www.direction4living.com/prayforc2.

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  • Friday, August 12th: MOPS Mother's of Preschoolers Mtng 10am to noon @ Crossroads
  • Sunday, August 14th: Crossroads University - Late Summer 2022 Session Cont. @9:30am
  • Sunday, August 21st: Baptism Celebration - Outside, following the 10:30 Worship Experience
  • Wednesday, August 24th: Stephanie Martin Missions Update during Midweek
  • Sunday, August 28th: Breakfast with the Ekklesia @9:30am in The Underground, Baby Dedication during The 10:30 Worship Experience
  • Friday-Saturday, September 9th-10th: Burger Barn
  • Friday-Saturday, September 23rd-24th: Ladies Retreat here at Crossroads
  • Sunday, October 2nd: Tailgate
  • Saturday, October 15th: Strike 4 Hunger
  • Friday, October 28th: Trail or Treat
  • Sunday, November 20th: The Well: Thanksgiving Edition @6pm
  • Saturday, December 24th: The Well: Christmas Edition @6pm

  • *Dates are subject to change and more events will be added! We'll keep you informed.


In order to keep our communications streamlined, we have broken our weekly reminders into three smaller digital publications. If you missed Friday's "C2 Essentials", click the image above to check it out or refresh your memory. "C2 Essentials" focuses on Essential Announcements, Updates, Links and Reminders for the weekend and the upcoming week to keep you connected to the Body of Christ at Crossroads.


If you have not yet downloaded our church app - CHURCH CENTER - you are missing out. Church Center has it all. As you'll notice on the image above, not only can you...
  1. ...find a Group
  2. ...participate in Group messaging with your Group and Ministry Teams and find contact information for those in your Group
  3. ...support your church, missions and special projects through Giving
  4. ...signup for a variety of special events (like the ones above this message)
  5. ...view an upcoming calendar of events here at Crossroads so you can mark your own calendars
  6. ...view a directory of contacts within the church family and see photos to connect a face with a name
  7. ...pre-check-in on your way to The Big House so you don't have to stand in line at the Check-In Stations

You'll find links to some of the most vital utilities and features you'll need access to in order to fully participate in community here at Crossroads Church

You can find and install Church Center in the App Store of your mobile device or by clicking the image above.

You can also find and bookmark all the Church Center features and utilities in your favorite browser on your computer by CLICKING HERE or by typing https://crossroadsgv.churchcenter.com/ in the search bar.

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Stay Connected to C2

Our Website: http://direction4living.com

General Email: infodesk@direction4living.com

Office Address:

  • 900 NW Jefferson St. - Grain Valley, MO 64029

Mailing Address:

  • Crossroads Church - PO Box 351- Grain Valley, MO 64029

Darryl & Sharon Jones - Elder/Lead Pastor

Bonnie Burns - Pastor Darryl's Admin Assistant

Daniel & Krysten Ballard - Elder/Worship Arts/Student Ministry Pastor

Michael & Summer Hicks / Elder

Please note: the church DOES have a phone line for those outside the church family. We've had the line for the last 22 years and it's good to have for the general public. However, the church line mostly attracts sales and marketing calls. As a result, it is not monitored very closely.

If you need to contact one of our Staff Pastors or Elders, PLEASE USE THEIR MOBILE NUMBERS WHICH ARE MADE AVAILABLE TO YOU ABOVE. You'll also find this information in the front of your Crossroads Connections notebook. These numbers are not to be given out to the public but are available for your personal use.

Office Hours: 10am-3pm Monday thru Thursday

  • Pastor Darryl Jones is full-time here at the church but isn’t always in the office as ministry happens everywhere. Pastor Darryl and Sharon live here in “The Big House” and try to be very accessible to the church family. However, they do try to protect Friday each week as a day of restorative rest and time together. Click Here to schedule an appointment with Pastor Darryl. Pastor Darryl tries to “unplug” electronically on Fridays but can be contacted through Sharon in case of emergency.
  • Pastor Daniel Ballard is only in the church offices part-time while serving as a full-time EMT for the Odessa Fire Protection District.
  • Michael Hicks is a lay Elder and does not keep office hours. He is self-employed and owns his own company, East Side Electric, LLC.
  • Bonnie Burns is Pastor Darryl’s Administrative Assistant and works in the church offices during office hours.
  • Everyone else who serves our church does so on a volunteer basis—neither receiving compensation nor keeping office hours.

All of that to say - we are here to serve you, but “here” is always relative. Text, email and phone are our friends. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you can’t find us at “The Big House”.