Steel Magnolias

December Newsletter


I have to start by saying CONGRATULATIONS to my Magnolias for the amazing month end numbers!! Our November goal was $60K and we hit just over $64K and ended as #10 team in the NATION!! I have to admit I shed a few tears of joy that night. Now we are on the the most magical time of the year, Christmas time! My tree is up, gifts are wrapped and placed underneath, and my heart is full of appreciation for all of my girls. This month will be a little different than others because of shipping cut off for deliveries. Basically, we will do in two weeks what we normally do in a month but before you freak out, I promise it CAN and WILL be done! This is THE month to front load your calendar. By this I mean get busy working your network and booking those pop ups. December is such a great month for vendor events, business partnerships, and festive in home pop ups! I also suggest doing one hour styling sessions for those busy busy people in your life as well as dropping by businesses with Christmas Cookies and Look Books/order forms to generate orders. Think about bosses that need multiple gifts! Visit your dr, dentist, realtor, favorite boutique, bank, salon, country club, eye dr, car dealership (repair dept is great), and any other place where people work so much they don't have time to hit the mall. And who wants to go to the mall when you can bring the jewelry store to them? Need more ideas? Make sure you are attending Tuesday night's National calls every week and also book a call with me! It's painless I promise!

May you all have a Blessed Holiday Season and Christmas!!

Our Decemebr Goal

Are you ready for it??? The Steel Magnolias Decemebr goal is $50,000 in team sales with 65 active merchies!!! Our Pop Up shop goal is $750 which is totally doable this time of year especially with our Friends and Family promo! Amp up your personal outreach, host an open house offering free gift wrap (if ordering I send guests home with gift bag and tissue paper), and ask for the sale! Men need serious help this time of year I promise! Ask your VIP's who are they shopping for, who else, and what do they need for themselves. Holiday parties, church events, community events and date nights call for some new sparkle! So here's to another fantastic month of Steel Magnolias making magic happen! Cheers!