Renewable & Non-Renewable Resources

By:Guadalupe Liseth and Daisy

Renewable Resources

Renewable Resources// Things that can be used again.Have a cycle where they produce more .


Biomass//Energy From a living organism of reaseantly living organism .


Hydropower//The largest source of Reneeable Electricity it's a source where water creats Electricity

Solar Energy

Solar Energy//Light and heat created by the sun .

Wind Energy

Wind Energy// is mostly created by turbines that make kinetic energy and then turns it into mechanical wich then creates Electricity.


Geothermal/ is generated and stored thermal heat in earth.

Non-Renewable Resources

Non-Renewable Resources//

Fossil Fuels

Fossil Fuels // Natural Fuel's like Coal or Gas.They are formed by remainings of living things on earth such as dead plants,animals and other types of living things.


Coal//A Fossil Fuel that plentiful than Oil or Gas.Coal Provides electricity its also a essential Fuel or Steel and its a Cement producter.

Natural Gas

Natural Gas//is gas that is occuring from under ground.

Nuclear Energy

Nuclear Energy//is the energy in the nucleus ,or core of an atom.