How we came to be:

Aphrodite was the most beautiful goddess of them all, because of her beauty it caused Zeus fear that there would be an outbreak of fighting and even possibly war between the gods. Aphrodite being the goddess of love made many of the gods fall in love with mortals. Zeus saw this and got infuriated and punished her by making her fall in love and marry a mortal herself.


In the city-state of Zeuditeopolus, we have a god and goddess to look over us and help us make life changing decisions. Originally, Zeuditeopolus was called Diteopolus and was led by Aphrodite. Our city-state worshiped her because she brought peace, love, and beauty to Diteopolus. Aphrodite was our only leader until she started trouble with the mortals and other gods. This caused Zeus to take rule with Aphrodite and Zeuditeopolus came to be. Zeus, the King of the Gods, helps us make legal and war-related decisions. To help with these decisions we go to his temple. Zeus brings great power to Zeuditeopolus which gives us a strong government and navy. At the beginning of Zeuditeopolus, we struggled a lot during war and Zeus saw this. In order for us to win wars, Zeus created the most powerful, mortal war leader and delivered him to us. His name is Ajax Kazan. Under his leadership, we haven’t lost a war. Our second Zeuditeopolus leader continues to be Aphrodite, the goddess of love, beauty, pleasure, and procreation (or reproduction). All citizens who need advice on love or appearance or those who want to get married or have children go to Aphrodite’s temple for her for approval. The citizens of Zeuditeopolus hold monthly festivals to honor the power and leadership of Zeus and Aphrodite. The first Sunday of every month, the citizens of Zeuditeopolus hold a festival in honor of the beautiful Aphrodite, and on the last Sunday of every month, we hold a festival in honor of the mighty Zeus. During the festival for Aphrodite, the land is decorated with rose quartz swans, dolphins, and doves made by very talented sculptors. At the festival, we eat a lot of limes and pomegranates which are the food symbols of Aphrodite. During the Zeus festival, people admire the oak sculptures of eagles and bulls and the thunderbolts made of gold.

Here are some of our most important structures for our god and goddess:


Why a democracy?

In a democracy you have a say in the laws and the ability to give your opinion on important things in the city state. In our city state every single citizen including; men, women, slaves, and those of other ethnicity can vote and make laws which then have to be voted on. Before you make a law that will do voted on you must as the god Zeus for permission.