A New Year!

Virtual Learning! ----August 10, 2020

Welcome Back

Welcome Back Amazing Educators-

I must admit this is not the way most of us had hoped to return to learning this fall. If you'd like to learn more about Phase 2 for back to school see the slides from the board meeting on August 4. Here are some FAQs from that presentation.

Thank you to all of the staff who were able to meet today to look at scheduling options. I have a meeting scheduled with Sara Stack Wednesday 8/12 to determine the viability of Option 3. Check out the link for the proposed options.

Here are the tentative assignments for staff for the fall. Things may change but this is where we are of as of today. Some positions that are normally out of the building or at job sites are being shifted while we are in virtual learning- Phase 2.

Instructional Leadership Team (ILT)

I have been waiting for the updated application from Q Comp for leadership positions. As of today the application has still not been updated on the district website. If you are interested in applying you can fill out an application from last year - until the new ones are out.

On the team we will have the following staff members continuing-

  • Jason Backes- Principal
  • Greg Kalberer - ILT Lead/ Team 3 teacher
  • Tia Jamison- SEL Lead/ Team 2 teacher
  • Jamie Brummel- ELL Lead/ PD Lead
  • Christina Brantner- PSWE Lead
  • Trish Praus - Work Coordinator DPF
  • Jeanne Forbes - SSW DPF
  • Brad Albrecht- Team 3 teacher
  • Rachel Prince-Counselor
  • Aria Campbell- SEA

New members joining

  • Collin Beachy- Team 1 teacher

If you are interested in being on the ILT please let myself or Greg know and complete an application on the Q Comp website. Send me the completed application. There will be a meeting on Thursday August 13 to look at Leading School Improvement and School Climate Launch. We can have up to 6 participants- Please let me know if you want to attend (virtually) from 8-4. I will need to pre-register us.

Team meeting dates and times to be determined after schedule is determined.

PSWE/ SEL/ Equity & Engagement Team

Positive School-Wide Engagement Team (PSWE) has several teams under it. The Equity Team and Engagement and Equity Teams are under this umbrella.

Christina Bratner is the lead for this team. We will need to have a new Equity Lead as Jewell has taken another position. Please Apply here, Send me the completed application.and I will let you know what the team make-up is prior to September 8.

Team meeting dates and times to be determined after schedule is determined.

Staff Changes

We have had a few people leave TPlus beginning this fall and we want to recognize them-

  • Mary Bock has retired
  • Peggy Wilcox-Browning has retired
  • Katie Flaherty has retired
  • Jewell Reichenberger has accepted a Social Emotional Learning- District Program Facilitator position at Davis
  • Erin Ditmarson has left TPlus
  • Michael Green is a part of the teacher residency program
  • Grace Christensen is a part of the teacher residency program

We have some new additions to the TPlus family

  • Faith Binman- Team 1 teacher joining from Riverbend
  • Rebecca Mijal - New Team 1 teacher
  • Kelly Narden- SEA- joining from Edison
  • Jennifer Yates- SEA joining from Edison
  • Ben Cousins - SEA joining from SW
  • Marlene Leighty- SEA joining from Edison
  • Kimberly Doss-Smith- SEA joining from South
  • Matthew Xiong- New SEA
  • Emma Blum- New SEA
  • Muzamil Ibrahim - New SEA

TPlus Staff in New roles

  • Jeremiah Satterthwait- technology teacher
  • Chris Stewart- Engagement Staff
  • Jason Zeihm- SEA

Calendar for Return

Counselor Return - August 7

Clerical Return- August 10- Traci on Site - Melissa still remote

Social Worker Return -August 19

Licensed Staff/ Teachers- August 24 optional - August 25 - All

ESP return- September 3

Bettina Love will be our Keynote Speaker for back to school - Check out who is coming

Hip hop, grit, and academic success: Bettina Love at TEDxUGA