Acid and Base Scavenger Hunt

By: Abby McCoy, Juan Chavez, Kori Burrows


Acidic Solutions- The Hydrogen Ion concentration is greater than the Hydroxide Ion concentration. When the pH is less than 7

Basic Solutions- When a Solution has a higher Hydroxide Ion concentration than the the amount of the number of Hydrogen Ions. When the pH is greater than 7

Neutral Solutions- A Neutral Solution is when the Solution is neither Basic nor Acidic with a pH of a 7


  • pH Strips

  • 12 Substances

  • Paper Towels

  • Marker

  • Pipet

  • 2 oz Cups


  1. Cut the pH strips into four smaller pieces.

  2. Gather your 12 items that you are going to test.

  3. Get out a long strip of paper towels .

  4. Lay the strips of pH paper 3 inches apart the paper towel.

  5. Write the name of the substance underneath the little strip of paper on the paper towel.

  6. Use a dropper pipet and proceed to drop 1 small drop of the substance you are testing on one of the pieces of pH paper.

  7. When the paper has changed color compare the color to the pH scale chart,you will find the right shade that is the right pH level.

  8. Write the pH you find and the chart with the corresponding name on your charting paper.

  9. Repeat steps 6-8 until you have finished testing all the substances .

  10. Once you gather all your information proceed to put it in s presentation.


Why do we use the pH scale?

The reason why we use the pH scale is to accurately measure is the substance is a acid or base.