Week of February 8, 2021

Happy February

Hi all! Happy February! We started the new month with a celebration of Groundhog Day! Did you make a prediction? Well, our friend Phil saw his shadow so he predicts 6 more weeks of winter...We shall see!

February is Dental Health Month! We’re taking a virtual field trip to the dentist on Thursday, February 25th at 3pm!

Our color and shape of the month are pink and heart. We’re concentrating on the letters Q, R, S and T and the numbers 7 and 14.

In this week’s newsletter:

-Parent Appreciation Day: Monday, February 8th

-Valentine and Cocoa Bomb pick up: Monday. February 8th 10am-11am

-Love Letters

-GBP PLAYS in person playgroups will resume Wednesday, February 17, 2021. Sign up below!

Parent Appreciation Day

We love our GBP Parents and Big People! Our GBP Staff is excited to show our appreciation on Monday, February 8th!

All (synchronous and asynchronous) Families are invited to stop by (pull up on Wirt Street) on Monday, February 8th from 10am-11am for a special treat!

Valentine and Cocoa Bomb Pick Up

Monday, Feb. 8th, 10-11am

107 West Market Street

Leesburg, VA

Stop by GBP on Monday, February 8th from 10-11am to pick up your child’s Valentines and your Cocoa Bomb orders!

There is no time sign up for this event, please pull as far forward as possible on Wirt Street.

Loudoun Love Letters

You received a bag with Valentine stickers and blank cards at packet pick up last week. Please help your child create Valentine cards for local assisted living facilities. Bring your cards to school on Monday and we’ll deliver them!

GBP PLAYS February and March

GBP PLAYS resumes Wednesday, February 17th!