Illegalize the Crime

Why Abortion Should be Illegal

Abortion should be illegal because it is murdering a living human, it hurts the baby and the woman. This is an important issue to argue for, because it determines the height at which we value ourselves as humans.

Murder of the Innocent and Living

What makes a born child different from an unborn one? It is a living being, just like every one of us and has all of the rights that we do. Why are so many Americans taking the lives of so many unborn children, and therefore destroying their precious right to life, liberty and their pursuit of happiness. It's not "the body of the woman." Each unborn baby has its own set of DNA and it is a separate being from its mother. Just because the baby lives inside of the mother, doesn't mean that it belongs to the mother, in the sense that she has "the right" to take its life. From the moment of conception, a new being is alive-let's not take away its right to life.
"Every abortion stops a heart that begins beating 22 days after fertilization. Brain waves are detectable in the sixth week, and in the seventh week an unborn child has been observed kicking and swimming. Every organ is in place by the eighth week, when the child begins to respond to touch. By 20 weeks, an unborn child reacts to being pierced by a needle with vigorous body and breathing movements, moving away and showing an increase in stress hormones"(Balch).

It Hurts the Baby

When preforming an abortion, many times, the baby feels pain. How can it not when it is literally torn apart to shreds? "Justice Anthony Kennedy described the "D&E" abortion procedure at this stage: 'The fetus, in many cases, dies just as a human adult or child would: It bleeds to death as it is torn limb from limb' "(Balch). If the baby is alive, has a beating heart and a working brain, and on top of that, can feel pain, how can someone say that it's "not a human"? If it's not a human, then what is it? A blob of tissue? If that's the case, we're not any different than that blob of tissue. We're all just "blobs of tissue." Is that a good justification to let someone kill us, let alone an innocent baby?

It Hurts the Mother

Many times, abortions have negative effects, not only on the baby, but on the mother, as well. Research has shown and proven that there is a link between abortions and breast cancer, that is, a woman who has an induced abortion is at a higher risk for breast cancer. Not only do abortions have negative physical effects on the mother, but also psychological effects. (Andrusko) Many times, the mother feels so guilty and depressed after having an abortion, that she can't stand the pain anymore, and ends up taking her own life, or attempting to. And even if she doesn't end up killing herself, the mother has to live with the pain and guilt all her life-'I killed my own baby!' Obviously, abortions have tremendous negative effects on women. Why, then, should they be legal?

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