By: Brandon Sanderson---- Presentation By: Marcus Van Vreede

Summary Paragraph

This story is in a state called Newcago. It is in the United States. Newgaco is a state that has turned dark and evil. The main character, David,is a little boy at the beginning of the story. When David was just a little boy, there was a ruler named Steelheart. Steelheart was the strongest man in the United States. Being the strongest, he will take on any challengers that think they can beat him. One of these people was David's dad. David had been trying to find ways to kill Steelheart to get vengeance for his father. Also, Steelheart isn't supposed to bleed, but that day he did. Since that day, it has been David's dream to take away Steelheart's life as he did to his father. David also knows these people called the Reckoners. They are like the Navy Seals. These people don't think anyone else knows about them, but he does. Their job is to kill other "epics", who are people that have powers like invisibility, sensing danger, or being able to have unlimited shots with a handgun. There are three classes of epics which include low class, mid class, and high class. The higher the class the better you are.


David is an 18-year old boy who worked in a factory for nine years. The owner is Steelheart. When David turned 18, he was forced to move out of the factory and start a new life. David tried everything to stay out of trouble. His goal was to stay out of the epics way so he doesn't get killed. However, he finds out how do defeat them when he discovered their weaknesses, but it takes a lot of risk. He notices a really high class epic walking in the back streets one day and stayed low. The epic's name was Fourtuity. He had with him two girls, and that confused David a lot. All of a sudden, a beautiful girl walked by and gave Fourtuity a "come here" glare. The man got up and started running after her while the other two followed. When he caught up, they were walking into the main town. Finally it hit David...he figured out that she was a Reckoner. He followed them while being in the abandoned parking lot. He kept his eyes on them the whole way to town, until he heard gun shots and then he saw Fourtuity running away with a hand cuff on. At last he saw the girl running after him. David finds a cab and takes it from a girl. Then he takes it around the block so the girl has a shot or the car runs into Fourtuity. They end up catching him in a checkmate, because he had to jump over the car or run into it. Also, if he jumps over it the girl can shoot him. He jumps over and the girl shoots him. David stopped the car and got out to see if Fourtuity died, and the girl came running over to see also. They discovered that Fourtuity is dead.

Rising Action

David found the group called the Reckoners, that is like the Navy Seals. They help make the world a better place by killing the epics that try to destroy people. There are seven notebooks that they need to get from David's house that are filled with information about epics. When they get there, David notices that an epic is hiding factory troops because, she is making illusions to try and hide them. She is a low-class epic, so her powers aren't strong. David said, "Don't shoot them unless I tell you to. I will go in and get my stuff quickly, and then burn the remains." That's what he did, and on his way out, the troops stopped him. When they went in his house, he threw a smoke bomb down and ran and so they couldn't find him. On his way out, he shut the door behind him and ran. Then they ran back to the hideout. When they got back, they started to train him to become a Reckoner. Prof. sent him with Megan and Abraham to go to the gun shop. When they were about to leave, Nightweilder came through the front door, so the Reckoners ran to a back corner and used a tensor (which is a device to cut through steel) to get out of there.


Killing Steelheart before he kills them, and they need to try and make the people of Newcago think they can fight back if they work together to stop Steelheart.


David and the Reckoners go to the location where Steelheart bled for the first time. After he got hurt, he turned Newcago to steel. David used the tensor that Prof. made to cut through steel right where David's dad died. His dad was still there. David sat there with his mouth wide open, about to cry, but he didn't. Prof. walked over and whispered, "He died doing what he wanted to do."

"But he let Steelheart live!" David demanded.

"Yes, but he killed an epic that was killing hundreds of innocent people. That epics name was Deathpoint." David sat there wondering if it was true. Prof. walked over to the other team while David sat there still thinking. Now he was determined to kill Steelheart, no matter how hard it was.


If you want to achieve a goal in life all you have to do is believe and you can do it.

metaphors and similies

  • You two look like a pair of coon hunters on a rainy day.
  • You look so happy the sun looks dark.
  • A squirrel and a raccoon fighting is what you guys look like right now.