5th Grade

Open House

Thank you to all the parents and students that came to visit at Open House. We enjoyed getting to visit with you.

Week of March 4th

Next week is Spring Break! This year is flying by.

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  • Dress Code: Please make sure your student is following dress code daily. Jackets worn indoors, as well as leggings worn under skirts/shorts, must be in dress code.

  • Class Dojo is an important form of communication that we use often. Some subject reviews, important class information, and messages are sent through this app/website, so please make sure you are checking it daily.

  • Please continue to check your student's planner daily. This is a great resource for communication.

  • As the weather continues to be cold over the next couple of months, please make sure your student has a warm jacket for recess. We like to go outside even on cold days.

  • SNACK Reminder: Because 5th-grade lunch is not until 12:20, we are allowing 5th graders to bring a HEALTHY snack. The snack must be something they can eat while continuing to work, and the snack must not require a spoon and cannot be messy.

Upcoming Dates:

March 11-15- Spring Break

April 9- 4th Writing STAAR, 5th Math STAAR

April 10- 5th Reading STAAR

April 19-No School

April 22-No School

Subject Content and "I Can" statements


  • Making Connections Across All Genres
  • I can make inferences and draw conclusions about the author's purpose.
  • Please make sure your student is reading every night. In order to increase stamina for the STAAR test, our students need to read at least 20 minutes a day.


  • Data Representation
  • I can problem solve problems using data from various sources.


  • Cycles in the Environment
  • I can identify fossils as evidence of organisms and their past environments
  • I can identify organisms interaction with living and nonliving elements in their environments
  • I can describe the flow of energy through food chains and webs

Social Studies:

  • Trouble Between the States
  • I can explain political, economic, and social changes in the U.S. during the 19th century.

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