Is War Good Or Bad??

By: This Guy

Is war actually a good thing?

Most people see war and they think of the killing and they repulse at the idea. However, what if I said there were children being sold into slavery? Would you get mad and say we need to do something? Stop them? How? Looks like we have a controversy. We need force to help the children. What do we do?
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The Ups of War:

War doesn't just hurt people, it helps them as well.

Bullets left in a body can cause a series of problems such as, infection, lead poisoning, and inflammation. Now the problem was getting them out. The doctors of war had to take them out, so they cut into him and removed it. When there is a great need for a something people try to fill it. In times of war medical practices get better, we learn what works along with what doesn't.
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War and the economy

In times of war, the economy normally sky rockets. We saw a lot of this in The Great Depression. The economy was horrid, people out of jobs, starving people. When we went into World War II, the economy skyrocketed because we had to create so many war machines. Men went to combat, while women produced the bullets.
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The Downs of War

The Death Toll

The death toll of World War II, ws in the millions. Millions of innocent lives were lost in the fight for freedom. Bombs mde war casualties sky rocket upwards, killing hundreds in seconds.
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In times of war, there will always be this threat of panic. Will this war reach our soil? Will there be another attack like 9/11. There is a threatening presence over our heads that comes along with war.
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