National School Counseling Week


Why I became a school counselor

I entered Kent State University as a history major. However, I took my first psychology class and knew I wanted to go a different direction (history became my minor). I didn't want to do research and I didn't want to get a Ph.D. Finally, senior year a meeting I went to highlighted school counseling. It was a light bulb moment for me because I could work at a high school and coach soccer combining two of my passions. I earned my master's degree in school counseling from the University of Dayton. Shortly after I did end up being the head coach at Middletown High School and was offered a school counselor position at Butler Tech. Although I have since given up coaching for the time being, I'm in my 7th year as a school counselor (6 at BTSOA) and still love my career. I get to help students overcome barriers on a daily basis as well as navigate the often confusing path toward pursuing their passion.



One of my primary jobs is to make sure you have a plan when you leave here. Although college is a big focus , I also am happy to assist you with considering all options including employment, "trade" schools, military and more.

As a special note, I feel confident in stating that I am an expert in financial aid and the college process. Please do not dismiss college as an option for financial reasons. Come see me and we will come up with a realistic plan that fits your needs. Stay tuned later this week for an impressive list of college acceptances and scholarships already earned by the class of 2016.

If you hear nothing else, be the "squeaky wheel" and be in my office asking for help. I have an open door policy and want you to come see me as much as you can!

WARNING: Hamilton Community Foundation Deadline Approaching!!!!

Go to: to complete this scholarship by FRIDAY!!!!

The same goes for the following scholarships:

Middletown Community Foundation (February 19th)

Cincinnati Scholarship Foundation (April 30)

Plus many, many, more. Please see the embedded "Scholarship List" link below for all the local scholarships I have put together for seniors.

***Please, Please, Please bring your applications for me to review before you turn them in so that I can proofread and supply you with any updated transcripts or ACT reports that you need.

Northwest and Colerain Seniors

Cardinals Credit Union/COPFCU 2016 Scholarship

SENIORS: Applications are now available for the Cardinals Credit Union/COPFCU 2016 Irvin Specht & Emily Argo Memorial Scholarship. This scholarship is open ONLY to students from the NWLSD. The scholarship provides $1,000 per year for four consecutive years of study. Scholarship applications can be picked up at any COPFCU location or downloaded at Hard copies are also available at the Cardinals Credit Union kiosk.

  • Applications must be submitted by March 25, 2016
  • Applications received by February 15, 2016, will also be forwarded to the Cincinnati Chapter of the Ohio Credit Union League for consideration for their scholarship, so students can apply for TWO scholarships with ONE application.

Students must be a member of Cardinals Credit Union to apply. Membership applications can be found at the kiosk or at any branch.

Please contact Robin Lynd, email, or phone (513)385-4808, for more information.

FAFSA Deadline approaching fast!!!!

Many of you have already completed your fafsa (yay!). For the rest of you, make sure to get it submitted by February 15th. Remember:


You can estimate using 2014 taxes OR 2015 W2's. Please do not hesitate to call me with any questions. I am happy to help students/parents complete the FAFSA.

See my previous FAFSA and financial aid information here:

Wednesday Thought of the Day

Today is the third day of “National School Counseling Week.” Today, let’s spend a little time looking at how you can write your recipe for success. For a kitchen recipe to work properly, you must have the right ingredients and follow directions. Life, however, doesn’t have an instruction manual, so finding your path to success probably won’t have the same ingredients as the person sitting next to you. And that is OK. We don’t all have to march down the same path. As

motivational speaker William A. Ward once said, success comes when we:

Study while others are sleeping

Work while others are loafing

Prepare while others are playing

Dream while others are wishing.

We all know things can get you down – friendship troubles, family problems, not fitting in with your peers. It’s easy to lose your focus on the future when things are difficult in the present. But those are pebbles in your path to success. You can make it with the help of people like me, your school counselor. I can help you learn to how to overcome the rocks in the road.

Coming Up:

*Information on Butler Tech Adult Ed and other alternatives to a 4 year college

*Focus on information for juniors (scheduling, CCP, college etc)

*Social/Emotional/Academic resources

If you missed it: Monday/Tuesday focused on how to win scholarships and highlighted 2 upcoming contests.