November News

Everything You Need To Know!

What Are You Thankful For?

Why do we always say "What are you thankful for" in November? It's the month we celebrate Thanksgiving (the last Thursday in November) and remember the Pilgrims who came to America (it wasn't America just yet!) and gave thanks for a plentiful crop after a rough winter. Thanksgiving is still a tradition today to remember how blessed they are and to remember the Pilgrims who helped start our great nation.

Book Fair

Monday, Nov. 2nd, 8am

Learning Elementary School

Books! Books! And more BOOKS!! Stop by the library if you're interested.

Theme: Our Story's BIG Picture:

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This month in class we will bring in our favorite books and discuss theme. But wait! What's a theme? A theme is our story's big picture; it's general idea. A story can have multiple themes. Bring in about 2 or 3 books for us to look over and discuss in class. I will send out a reminder when we get closer to this unit.