Road Trip in the USA


How will we get to the USA ? By yatch !

We are going to USA by a yatch. That is a luxurious yatch with full good service and facilities. Although it is not fast, but we feel comfortable on trip.

Luxurious yacht PROJECT MAGNITUDE by Opalinski designs

Expensive yatch - All for us !!!

What will we drive on our road trip ?

We will fly around the USA with hot air balloon. We can see beautiful scene from the sky. Look at us ! We are driving house on the cloud !

What a perfect day...

What music will we listen to on our road trip ?

Our first song is Fiona Fung " Proud of you ".

Our favorite lyric : " I can fly . I'm proud that i can fly ! To give the best of mine. Till the end of time . Believe i can fly . I'm proud that i can fly ! To give the best of mine. The heaven in the sky".

Proud of you - Fiona Fung
And our second song is Bruno Mars " Count on me ".

Our favorite lyric : " If you ever find yourself stuck in the middle of the sea. I'll sail the world ... to find you. If you ever find yourself lost in the dark and you can't see. I'll be the light ... to guide you ".

Count On Me - Bruno Mars

Why do we like song ?

Because of meaningful lyrics. " Always believe and be proud of myself - Above all the friendship is the best ".

Who are we ?