Rangers Apprentice Book Three

"The sun was blotted out as the storm hit them."

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Plot Summary

In the book Rangers Apprentice the series is based on a kid named Will that wants to go to battle school to become a knight. Everyone teases him by saying he is to small and that he want make it as a knight. He tried his best to make it into battle school but he had to think of a different role. He has been notice by a Ranger known as Halt and he thinks Will would be perfect to make it as a ranger. Everyone thought of Halt as to small but as he grew up he became the most known and successful ranger apart of the division. Will became a ranger and loved it, he was offered to go to battle school for his courage, but he stayed as a ranger.

Character Analysis

The main character in the Rangers Apprentice is Will, he grew up as a kid always wanting to become a famous knight. People thought he was to small or to weak, he thought he could become a knight and he tried to the best that he could but he came up short. He didn't know he was being watched by a Ranger named Halt. Halt had done certain tests to see if he was the Ranger material. Once he found out he couldn't be a knight and go to battle school he became a Ranger. Then he thought being a Ranger was a better choice than being a knight and going to battle school.

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Author Biography

A former advertising and television writer, John Flanagan is now known for writing the Ranger's Apprentice fantasy books for young readers. Flanagan grew up in Sydney, Australia, took to writing early, and eventually caught on as an ad agency writer. Later he moved to television and with co-writer Gary Reilly created the sitcom Hey Dad..! The show was a long-running hit on Australian TV, airing over 200 episodes from 1987-94. Flanagan then turned to writing books.

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