Canvas Training

Monday, August 4, 2014

Canvas Training Pre-Work

On Monday, August 4, you will be trained on how to set up your Canvas class shells to use with your classes. Prior to the Monday meeting you will need to gather a few materials to use during training.

Choose a unit or topic of study from your curriculum and gather the following information and/or documents about that one unit or topic:

1. Unit or Topic Name

2. Overview (short summary) about the unit/topic

3. Assignment for your students—this must be an assignment that students can upload their submissions to you via Canvas (easiest is to create an assignment that students must type and turn in to you…like a report, book study, essay, etc.)

4. Grading rubric for the above assignment

5. Quiz about the unit/topic or assignment created above (3 questions is plenty for the practice—1 true/false, 1 multiple choice, and 1 fill in the blank)

6. Discussion topic/question/prompt about the unit/topic for students to answer

Please Read!

You may already have files/documents saved that will work for these. If so, just make sure you can access them at school. If you must create new documents/files, be sure to save them where you can access at school so you won’t have to recreate for Canvas. Or go old school and just write your information on paper and type it straight into Canvas during the training.