Roman Revolts

Senate enacts senatus consultum ultimum

Special Questioning People's Report

by Lindsay Williams, staff reporter

Julius Caesar, general of the legion, is known to be one of the greatest generals this republic has ever seen. Born to an influential family of Patricians, he was high priest of Jupiter until he was stripped of this title during a civil war, and was able to join the military. He had an solid military career and became consul of the senate, along with Marcus Bibulus. A hero of the poor, he passed many laws to help the Plebeians and Proletariat. He stabilized Gaul and became a legend.

But sadly, that has all changed. Caesar has crossed the Rubicon River, which separates Italy and Gaul. The law states that no man may bring a legion into Italy, and Caesar brings the 13th legion with him.

In response, the Senate has decided to enact senatus consultum ultimum, which is a decree to preserve the state. An inside source reports that the senate hopes to flee to the south. This source says that Caesar's force is not large, but the senate is hoping not to fight by enacting the senatus consultum ultimum.

In-Depth: A member of Caesar's 13th legion speaks out

Special People's Questioning Report: So you serve in the Roman military?

Legion member (chose to remain anonymous: Yes, I am. The 13th Legion.

SPQR: Are you a plebeian or a patrician?

LM: A plebeian; metalworker before this.

SPQR: And are you from Rome?

LM: Yes, the city is my home.

SPQR: So you serve Julius Caesar right now.

LM: Yes, what an inspirational leader. He promises us wealth and land so we can support our families.

SPQR: I see. What do you have to do to get this wealth?

LM: He just wants our support.

SPQR: In what exactly?

LM: Caesar wishes to lead the Roman Empire into a new age of great wealth for the common people. He wants to be the greatest leader we've ever had! Soon, with our help, he will be permanent dictator and will lead the common people into an age of prosperity! He's such an inspiration.

SPQR: Thank you for your time.

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Sunday, Jan. 5th 1000 at 6pm

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Come watch the great gladiator Tetraites fight the most massive lion the Colosseum has ever seen! Tickets will go fast, so make sure you're there to see it! Tickets will go to Patricians first, opening at 6:00 on the 4th of January, and will be opened to the plebeians at 9:00. Don't miss it!

Plebeians deserve less power in the senate

Since the beginning of the Roman Republic, the Patricians have had the lead in politics. Early in the Republic, Patricians were the only people who could vote. They were the descendants of the leaders of Rome and knew what was best for the people, as opposed to looking for ways to further their own interests. The Plebeians have corrupted our government and divided it, which has allowed Julius Caesar to rise to power.

The twelve tables were a necessary step. The Plebeians didn't know the laws, so how could they properly follow them? The Twelve Tables provided order and legal protection to Patricians and Plebeians alike and united the country. But the Plebeians didn't stop there. Knowing the law wasn't good enough.

Letting Plebeians partake in government was a bad decision. They are meant to work to keep this country prosperous while the more able Patricians lead the government. Allowing them to serve in political positions has just increased corruption and greed. We need to take that power and give it back to the people it belongs to.

Restaurant Review: Caesar's Salads

One plebeian was so inspired after his career in the military under Caesar that he opened a restaurant in his name! Caesar's Salads offers a variety of salads at their salad bar, plus an array of soups and sandwiches to accompany the salads.

Pricing is reasonable, and the salad bar is quite expansive, with something for everyone. The lettuce and vegetables are fresh and the dressing is pretty high quality. The hot sandwiches are delicious, although the cold cuts lack flavor. The soups definitely could use some more salt.

All in all, a fun night out for any middle class family.