Writing Tips for 7th Graders

Easy tips to start writing

Pre-Writing & Drafting

Pre Writing is the step in which you must brainstorm. Pre writing is probably the 2nd most important step in writing. To pre write, you MUST brainstorm!!! To brainstorm, you have to make a graph or a simple web. It is often called or referred as a web because of the fact that the graph itself looks like a spiderweb. This graph is designed so that the main idea is in the middle, and the 'arms' of the web is the supporting details and the events that would occur in your story.

Drafting is another important step in writing. In fact, all of the writing steps are important. When you start drafting, or making your rough draft, you must then start writing. You write about what you put in the middle of your web. A great idea is to use a sentence starter resource. That resource would help you kick off your story. You will then integrate the 'arms' on the web onto your story.

Revising & Editing ... Publishing!

Revising is when you rearrange words and sentences. You also make sure that you are staying on track and saying what you mean to. This is a good time to add a Ba Da Bing to your writing. A Ba Da Bing is when you write about an action, what you see and what you think. This will enhance your final draft. This is also a good place to combine simple sentences by using FANBOYS.

Editing is checking spelling, punctuation and grammar. Peer editing is helpful in this step of the writing process. It is also good to have your teacher check over your work before you submit your final draft.

Publishing is the final step of the writing process. This step is when you look at your final draft and decide what you like and what you didn't. Learning from your mistakes and successes in writing is really important.

Valerie, Dylan & Garrett