It's NOT okay!

Emotional and Physical Effects.

Bullying isn't just about the physical image that we think of. Bulling can be emotional and frightning. Some people can overcome bullying, but others... not so much. Some people can put a stop to bullying, others choose to turn a blind eye.

There are four types of bullying:

- Physical Bullying- Something that hurts physically.

- Verbal Bullying- Using words to hurt people.

- Covert Bullying - Playing jokes, lying, rumours.

- Cyber Bullying - Bullying over the internet.

Why is Bullying an Issue for Young People?

Young people are the majority of people that are effected by bullying. Simply because the the main source are bullying the younger generations.

- More than a quarter of year 4 to year 9 students were bullied every few weeks or more during a term of school.

- Constant bullying was most commonly reported by year 5 and year 8 students.

- Verbal bullying was the most common type of bullying. Followed by covert bullying.

- Girls were more likely to be bullied in covert ways, with students beginning this behaviour as early as year 3.

Lend a Hand Take a Stand!

The following video was taken from: http://www.education.vic.gov.au/about/programs/bullystoppers/Pages/default.aspx

This is a website against bullying and contains heaps of information that can be useful if you are being bullied or want to take a stand. If you see someone in need of bullying help lend a hand and take a stand. Bullying is NOT okay!

Bully Stoppers

Poster credits:

By Shaye Parkins-Chilcott & Rebecca Puopolo