Mansa Musa and Sundiata

The famous African ruler

A little about Mansa Musa

He was the tenth Mansa which translates to King of Kings or Emperor. Of the wealthy Mali Empire. What is known about the king of the Mali Empire is taken from the writing of Arab scholars. He strengthened Islam and promoted education, trade, and commerce, in Mali. Mansa Musa exact birth date is unknown, he was most likely the grandson of Sundiata. He was the ruler of Mali. He was a west African empire of Mali and it became the richest realm of Africa under Mansa Musa.He took Songhai and made it a major city and Timbuktu a major trading city. Mansa Musa had bought stability and goverment to the mali.
He had brought stability and good government to Mali, spreading its fame abroad and making it truly remarkable both for its extent and for its wealth. A striking example of the capacity of the Negro for political organization. Mansa Musa brought back with him an Arabic library, religious scholars, and most importantly the Muslim architect. He died in 1337.