Chaos Theory

One Strum Can Change The Rhythm Of Life

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The chaos theory is when an action can affect an entire chain of events. When Eckels stepped on the butterfly, he changed who the President was and how the English language was spoken. This one small action had a large impact on the future. The message of the story was that one small action can make a great impact. When Eckels stepped on the butterfly, he wouldn't have thought he would have changed the future that drastically. By making a small mistake on your guitar performance, you can change your entire future. This can cause bad relations with your fellow performers, and the college that offered you a scholarship to withdraw their offer. This represents the chaos theory because the tiny mistake you made during your performance affected your scholarship, your family having to pay for college, and where you end up working. The tagline, 'One Strum Can Change Th Rhythm Of Life', was created by taking the hypothetical situation, a messed up guitar performance, and made it into a metaphor (strum=action & rhythm=impact on future of life).