Modern Inventions

Better than it was before!

Better than by hand

Modern Inventions made it easier to do all of your work that would be much harder to do by hand. Before modern inventions, times were difficult. Not only did you have to do everything by hand, but there was no way to cure sickness or communicate with others. Life on the farm must of been pretty lonely. Since modern inventions occurred people have moved to cities to work in factories. Which is better because there are more people to talk to and production increases drastically!

Inventions that lead to other inventions

Some of the modern inventions invented led to more inventions!! And some inventions led to better improvements of that invention. The electric dynamo really opened up the way to the practical use of electricity.

Increased population

Modern inventions increased population because when vaccinations and medicines were invented, less people were dying of sickness. When the light bulb was invented people stayed warmer which caused less people to die of hypothermia.