RES Coach's Corner

Misty Ward, Instructional Specialist

Happy New Year & Welcome Back

As we start our new semester, we have many learning opportunities planned for our students. Our teachers are constantly learning new methods and strategies to enhance the students' educational experiences. Because of these methods and strategies, we are expecting gains in student learning as we move forward this year.

Please take a moment to read about some of the exciting things we are working on to provide your child with an outstanding education. If you have any questions or need anything, please contact the school or me.

Thank you,

Misty Ward

Teacher Learning

RES teachers are constantly learning new methods and strategies to provides their students with the best education.
  • Did you know that teachers don't just assess students using paper and pencil. The teachers are consistently assessing the students by listening to student's conversations with peers, talking to students, and analyzing work samples to determine where they are performing. Next steps are then set for each child. Our teachers have learned that it is important to determine student success or a need for improvement in each and every lesson. It is only then that teachers know what each student needs to move forward.
  • Teachers participated in a Close Reading professional development session to gain a deeper understanding in order to teach students to think deeply as they read, code text, and answer text dependent questions using evidence.
  • In January, before class resumed, teachers had the opportunity to dig into the new Alabama Course of Study: Science. They learned that the new standards are performance expectations, which the students are going to LOVE! Teachers were able to break apart the new standards and begin developing instructional maps.

Motivate, Engage, Achieve

As we begin the second semester, I am encouraged by our students' enthusiasm to grow and achieve in education. Teachers encourage one another and hold themselves accountable for providing students with an engaging education. I will continue to work hard to motivate our students to achieve success. I want ALL students to know that with hard work, determination, and perseverance they can excel.