Sports injuries can be prevented

by Marcus Duckworth

How to prevent head injuries for football

You will need a Noesae-approved helmet. A proper fit, don't wear helmets more then 10 years old even if they have been recommendation. Also on the field you should practice heads up football to help prevent head injuries. Never use the top of your head to tackle or block or strike an opponent and don't ever make an hard hit with your helmets face-mask. Stop playing immediately also if you have any of these symptoms a headache, feeling of pressure in your head, nausea or vomit, balance problems, or sensitive to light or noises

how to prevent sport injuries

Warm up
The best known was to prevent injury is to warm up.23 Prepare for any intense activity by doing a similar activity less intensely. In other words, start slow! To warm up your tissues, you need metabolic activity: the heat causes physical changes in connective tissues that make them more pliable. Many more complex benefits arise from the stimulus of mild physiological stress. Mobilizations (discussed below) are an excellent warmup method, but really it’s just a matter of starting intense activities slowly.
Conversely, don’t overdo it. I’ve seen sports teams crimmage for an hour before game time. I think that’s crazy: players go into competition not only warmed up but worn out. In competition, you can’t afford to give up any resources, and you only have so much juice in a day — no matter how fit you are. Athletes get hurt far more when they are tired than when they’re fresh.Speaking of being tired. Get your zzzleep. As just mentioned, tiredness is a major driver of injury. And sleep deprivation is an almost universally underestimated problem, as well as a factor in pain.4 People who actually do get enough sleep are extremely rare, and of course actual insomnia is a common problem. Insomnia treatment is not as hard as people think, and it’s a great indirect injury prevention tip, something that is definitely relevant to performance and injury risk — but has nothing to do with what you’re doing before, during, or after workouts.

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