Working Conditions

Bad for Your Health and Bad for Your Personal Life

Life in the Factories

The life in the factories was horrible. The workers had to work for 12 to 14 hours at a time (one break), six or seven days a week. With their time in the factories no one has time to be with there family, because the children had longer hours then the women, and the women had to work when the get home. Children, women, and men had to be around dangerous machines that could severed limbs from bodies or can lead to death. The workers had damaged lungs from the lint that was in the air.

Life in the Mines

The life in the mines was terrible for the workers. The workers had to face floods, cave-ins, rockfalls, dynamite, and heat. Workers worked for dusk to dawn ( with a lunch break). They worked in small, cramped spaces, in the dark. The workers breathing in the coal dust damage their lungs giving then black lungs. Owners had children working in the mines, because of their small size made it easy for them to move there way though the mines and cheaper to have them work then men.

Way to Make Working in Mines Better

Working in mines and factories can become better if the owners didn't hire children as workers for the factories or mines. Shorten the hours workers have during the day and make it safer for the workers in factories and mines. Pay the workers more for there hard work they do everyday.