Common Core State Standards


This week the admin team will focus on observing the implementation of the following strategies:

  • Daily Learning Target
  • Student Engagement
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Continue to have a "Growth Mindset" approach when working with students. It's important to teach and & build student confidence to achieve optimal academic growth


College Awareness Month

Cancer Awareness Month

Wear your AVID T shirt every Thursday this month

Progress Report on the 28th

WOW News

Congratulations to our new Granger staff members!

Juan De Leon is our new gardener and Ivan Amezola, our Student Program Facilitator.

The Griffin Way

G reet everyone with respect.

R espond to adversity with GRIT!

I mmerse themselves in learning.

F ocus on being calm and cool!

F ollow their shot to the trash can!

I Pads are used as educational tools.

N ever ever give up!

W ill be College and Career Ready.

A cknowledge positive behaviors (4:1 Challenge)

Y earn to learn beyond the bell!

Dates to Remember

Monday, October 17

Designated ALD at the Moss Parent Center - Ms. Luchau and Ms. Allmon

Parent English class in Room 403 from 9-11AM

LGBT Meeting at the PDC at 4:00PM

South Bay Community Service Meeting at CPM at 2:00PM - Mr. Garcia

Tuesday, October 18

Math Fundamentals PLC at Special Services Center at 8:00AM

Parent English class in Room 403 from 9-11AM

Food Distribution at NCM from 4-6PM

ASES Coordinator Meeting at 1:00PM at the State Federal Parent Center - Mr. Garcia

AVID Site Team Meeting at 3:30

Wednesday, October 19

College Awareness Wednesday - Wear your College Shirt!

Faculty Meeting at 3:30 in the Library

Parent English class from 9-11AM in Room 403

Student Advisory Focus Group at 2:45PM

Meet and Greet for County ASES Programs at Liberty Station from 8:30 - 12PM

Mr. Gacia

Thursday, October 20

Annual Safety/Security Meeting at the District Office Mr. Muro

Leadership Leader's Meeting at the PDC from 8-3PM - Mr. Montano

Q2 Math Meeting - Ms. Bumatay, Ms. Mancero and Melissa at 12:45 in

Mr. Montano's office

Fundamentals Eng/Read 180 Special Services Center

Friday, October 21

ELD/ALD Pullout in the Granger Library Seminar Room

Intro to Cross Battery Method and Analysis at the SDCOE in National City

Head Counselor Meeting at District Office, A&B, at 1:00

SUHI Homecoming from 6-9PM - Wear your Granger shirt!

Saturday, October 22

8:00AM Saturday Gap

Clean Granger Day - earn community service hours

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Monica Aguilar-Garcia and Karla Palacios 10-4

Jose Arellano 10-26

Lorena Fitch and Veronica Gutierrez 10-8

Hernan Negrete 10-31

Luis Matos 10-11