#YOLO in 4E

Giving you the ins and the outs of 4E!


Greetings and Salutations,

Welcome to my new online newsletter!

Needless to say, this is a work in progress. As I grow comfortable with this format, I will be sure to include handy links for home, as well as pictures of what is going on in class!


I was THRILLED with the kids' improvement on their Theme 3 Tests! 100% of the class earned and 18/15 or higher on their exam. We are testing on Theme 4 today and I am confident it will be just as successful!

Continue to encourage your children to read at home. Furthermore, discuss with your child what they are reading. I am having great conversations with kids here and there about their reading and it's amazing to see their eyes light up when they're talking about a book they truly enjoy!


We are continuing our study of multiplication and division in 4E. The tentative plan is to test on Thursday, October 27th. That way, it will give us plenty of time to review, repair, and rejoice. Again, here are the topics being covered this chapter:

  • 3-Digit by 2-Digit multiplication (Ex. 485 X 25)
  • Long division of three and four digit numbers (Ex. 4562 divided by 2)
  • Applying multiplication and division in a real world setting

Many students have come up to me saying they have viewed these videos at home! I will leave these up as a resource.

Multiplicaion How-To(s):
http://bit.ly/YrJrjS (By One Digit)

http://bit.ly/1Cw38G6 (By Two Digits)

Division How-To(s):

http://bit.ly/1qQuupt (Division Basics)

http://bit.ly/1GieE85 (Long Division)

Game Ideas:

Here are some basic "fan favorites" when practicing multiplication and division:

Use either a pair of dice or a deck of playing cards. Build a 3-4 digit number by either rolling or pulling from the deck. For face cards, use the number value (Jack=11; Queen=12; King=13; Aces can be high or low).

create a one digit number to divide by or a two digit number to multiply.

Write down the equation and solve!

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Odds 'n' Ends


Famous People posters are returning to school slowly, but surely. I am impressed so far at the creativity the kids have! It is amazing what a little "artistic freedom" can create. A reminder that posters will be due in class on Monday, October 24th. Luckily, there is a four-day weekend for the children to get their posters done!

Famous People reports are beginning to develop in class! We have constructed powerful introductions that will lend themselves to well-written reports. I am excited to see the kids develop as non-fiction writers! All reports will be drafted using Google Docs so they can be accessed at home as well!


Conferences will be held next Thursday (10/20) and Friday (10/21). I sent an e-mail last week with the link and password to sign up. I am trying something new this year in which the kids will be creating their own presentation showing their progress to you. Personally, I feel they are more excited to use the SMARTboard, but I am excited to take a risk and try something new to reinvigorate conferences.

A reminder that the first half of conferences are student-led. Believe me, it is a lot less meaningful if I have to present your child's information, so please bring them with you at your assigned time!


Our library time is on Wednesdays at 1:30pm. I don't always remember to remind students to bring back their library books. So, as a precaution, please check and make sure their books go with them to school on Wednesday mornings. Thank you for your time and consideration in this matter.


The school year's spelling list is located at the link below. A teacher who previously taught here created it- I see no sense in "reinventing the wheel"! Enjoy!