CMSN Math Memos

Notes on Math Happenings in the District - February Edition

Look at Me - I'm SMORE-ing!

As y'all know, I come from a land of very little technology. It is has been my goal to up my know-how regarding technology so that I can better serve you guys. So, although Smores are old news to some of you, I hadn't heard of them until this school year!

In an attempt to better inform you guys, keep our communications in one place, AND widen my experience with online resources, I plan to put out a monthly "Math Memos" flier for you guys. My plan is to recap anything learned at the instructional coach/leadership meetings in the body of the Smore, and make sure that any action items are highlighted at the top.

So enjoy - our first "MATH MEMOS!" Woot woot!

"Next Steps" from This Issue

  1. Cougar Academic Academy Feedback
  2. Academic Vocabulary Training (by May 9)
  3. PD Feedback if you have it!

Cougar Academic Academy

We will begin Cougar Academic Academy for 8th graders on Tuesday, February 23rd. This will run through the end of March. (March 29th is 8th Grade STAAR.)

We will begin Cougar Academic Academy for 6th and 7th graders during the last week of March, and will continue through the 6th/7th grade STAAR on May 9th.

Things are still in the works regarding when (AM or PM) and how often we will offer these sessions, however, we will eventually need teachers to teach these sessions. Everyone MUST participate as outlined in the CISD Employee Handbook. (If you are a coach or a club sponsor you do not HAVE to sign up for these sessions, but you are welcome to.) Talk to Amanda if you'd like to argue this. If you come to me I will tell you I did 8 Saturday Schools every year in RISD as well as after school tutoring (outside of my regular tutoring) EVERY week. Without pay. And that was every teacher, not just me. :) None of us enjoy working millions of extra hours - but that's what makes teaching so meme-able! The good news is that Coppell offers $25 an hour for anyone who teaches CAA. This is not the case in all districts.

**EVERYONE needs to fill out the form below (even if you are exempt) regarding your preferences for CAA.**

Big image

6th/7th Accelerated Course Update

Dr. Waldrip and Dr. Denison approved the creation of a 6/7th Accelerated Course for 2017-2018 school year. So, next year's course offerings will look the same as this year. No immediate changes!

February 15th Recap

Vertical Alignment Feedback

Make sure to look at the feedback that was given regarding what to cover at the end of the year. Obviously this will be more important after STAAR, but looking at it now may help to see what you could be emphasizing! Feedback found here.

Assessment Comparison
Make sure you are considering what you noticed when comparing our tests with Wests. Feel free to revisit our slides here if you want to look at the evaluative criteria I came up with. It could be that you felt as though our assessments were far superior - and that's okay! However, if you found something you could improve upon, try implementing it on your next assessment! (Kudos to the 6th grade team for already trying out a different format. Keep us updated on how it goes!)

If you have questions for the educators at West or East, feel free to let me know. I have already asked West about the duration of the test and found out that they give their learners the ENTIRE class period(s) to test. Their 6th graders usually finish on time, but they often have trouble with their 7th/8th graders finishing in time. They have continued to fight with it, however, in the hopes that they are building testing stamina. I'm also going to get with Cheryl and talk about what resources they use for test questions and see what we can get here at North.

Professional Development Summer & 2016-2017 School Year

No Summer Conference
Previously (or so I've heard), CISD has offered a "conference" over the summer that grouped PD opportunities into a 2 or 3-day period. This will look different this year. Stay tuned for information from Laurie O'Neill

Math PDs for Summer/2016-2017
Mary is planning on offering a series of staff developments centered around Math-specific concepts. For example, exploring our TEKS, planning assessments, finding resources, using technology, etc. Please keep in mind that we can do our own PD if we'd like. If you feel as though we could use some help in an area that isn't offered, OR if we could use MORE help in something that IS offered, we can organize that. Either someone from our campus (myself or other leader/educator) or someone outside can come in to help out. We may hear that other campuses are experiencing the same need and end up attending! Let me know if you have been itching for a certain type of training.

Academic Vocabulary Training

Don't forget to take the Academic Vocabulary Training Course in Schoology. The course is titled "Mathematics PL: 2015-2016." This training must be complete by May 9th!


Kudos to Kayla Jarzombek for creating a Peardeck presentation so that her learners could get used to Peardeck! I know the entire campus benefitted from your presentation during Tech Tuesday today!