My Digital FootPrint

What is a digital footprint?

A digital footprint is everything you did in your life from when you were born.Things that you did on the internet like Facebook,Instagram,Snapchat,Twitter ext.Your digital footprint shows every comment,like,dislike, basically your online life.Sometimes by doing basic things like doing a survey or signing up for a job maybe even searching up something on google.Even after you die your digital footprint is still going on,it's like have a filing cabinet that your life is going into it.

My digital footprint.

My digital footprint when I got a PlayStation 3.This started because that's when I first started playing games with my friends and bought things online.Then I started going on Instagram and post pictures which is also around the same year I got my PlayStation 4.This is going in my life because somebody probably posted a comment on my Instagram or I played a video game with my friends.Maybe I bought something online or did a survey.