Five Smooth Stones

Author: Kristiana Gregory

Hope's Diary

Summary of Book

This book is about a young girl named Hope. She lives in Pennsylvania, and the book takes place in the Revolutionary war time period. Hope's father went to be apart of the battles and has not returned home yet. This leaves Hope, her mother, and her brother back at home alone. Her mother is a baker for a living, and is expecting another child. Hope has to do many house chores, and sometimes even help with the baking. Hope goes to school still, and has a best friend named Polly. Hope and Polly do most everything together, and always are doing something.

Later in the book Hope finds out that lots of people in her small town are becoming tories. Tories are people who support King George and really want him to be their leader. Hope's brother Ethan decided to become one, and just left his family one day. After that happened tensions started rising between the two countries, and Hope really needed her brother and father to comfort her.

After many hot months of waiting in fear Hope's mother had her child. Hope's new little sister is named Faith. A few months after Faith's arrival Hope's family had to move to their cousins home for safety from King George's soldiers. In this book Hope has to be willing to make many adjustments for her freedom from Britain.

Main Characters

  • Hope
  • Mother
  • Ethan
  • Miss Sarah
  • Mrs. Quinn
  • Mr. Dean
  • Polly

Favorite and Least Favorite Parts

My favorite part of the book was when the new baby was born. I liked it because everyone was so happy, and they had been waiting for her arival for many months. My least favorite part of the book was when Ethan, Hope's brother ran away from home, and was accused of being a spy. I didn't like it because he just left his family alone, and didn't care about them any longer.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 1776

During this time period King George the third wanted to rule the America's. The people in the colonies refused to pay taxes and other things King George made them do. This resulted in the colonies wanting to start a war with Britain.