Eat This, Not That

A Guide To Surviving Fast Food

10 Tips

It's alright to indulge in fast food every once in a while. However, if you do, try these tips to help make healthier choices!

1. Order water instead of a soda

An average soda has 300 calories and roughly 56 grams of sugar

2. Replace the fires with a side salad

Salad has 15 calories

Large fries contain 510 calories


Go with whole grain breads vs white or french bread

4. Grilled/Baked over Fried/Breaded

Grilled chicken sandwich 610 calories

Breaded chicken sandwich 790 calories

5. Skip the cheese & bacon

1 slice of cheese = 100 calories

1 slice of bacon = 42 calories

6. Don't assume

Just because something sounds healthy does NOT mean it is...

McD's snack wrap has 360 calories

7. Skip the condiments

Replace things like mayo and salad dressing with olive oil or vinegar

2 tablespoons of mayo/salad dressing = 85 calories

2 tablespoons of vinegar = 20 calories

8. Moderation/Portion Size

Stick to single patty burgers, better yet try something off the kids menu.

Large fries = 510 calories

Kids fries = 110 calories

9. Set a limit

Try to keep your fast food meal to 500 calories or under.

10. Check nutritional guides!

Most fast food restaurants have nutritional guides available online, use them, and pay attention to:

calories, sugar, trans fat, sat fat, and sodium