TEKS in Action

K/1 Math


Use comparative language to describe two numbers up to 20 presented as written numerals.

Mucky Monsters - students choose who has more/less bugs (smaller numbers)

We Can Compare folder game - students create comparison sentence using real objects and placed on ten frames and then create comparison sentence.

Sock Puppets - students use the iPad app to create a puppet show explaining the comparison between two numbers as assessment piece for using comparative language.


Compose and decompose numbers up to 10 with objects and pictures.

10 Frame - students count, build, fill, and add on a ten frame.

Grouping & Grazing - students can count by 5s and 10s and create a groups of 10

Okta's Rescue - students count octopus to make the given number, game has three levels

Koala Kart - students count numbers on a ten frame and select the correct numeral


Represent word problems involving addition and subtraction of whole numbers up to 20 using concrete and pictorial models and number sentences.

Grouping & Grazing - students add & subtract using a part/part/whole board. They may also create their own number sentences and create groups of 10 for counting on.

Marble Math - students represent number sentences with marble manipulatives to solve


Explain strategies used to solve addition and subtraction problems up to 20 using spoken words, objects, pictorial models, and number sentences.

Videolicious - iPad app that uses photos and video clips to seamlessly create a video. Students create a video for peers for reciprocal teaching of their strategies as an assessment piece.

Great Websites to Check Out

ABCya! - math and reading games for multi grade levels

Illuminations - interactive section

Aracdemics - lots of skill building, fact fluency games