August at a Glance!

As the back to school blues was crashing over the Blackwell students, Mr. Barnett gave his students their first project of the year. They were to pick a tool in the shop and present it with ways on how to be safe while using that tool. Carson Sorrells began his supervised agriculture experience, commonly known as SAE. Finally, Blackwell's freshman spent a few hours at Hermleigh High School learning what FFA has to offer.

From Pickles to Pumpkins!

Carson has spent months preparing, growing, and picking his garden. He keeps accurate records and inputs them into his record books in hopes of getting his Lone Star Degree. You can catch Carson on Saturdays beside The Corner Grocery selling all his produce; from pickles to pumpkins.


With the approach of the Halloween carnival, it is time to begin our fall projects. Students must find something to build, make a blueprint, and present it to Mr. Barnett. After getting it approved and ready, students must take a Shop Safety quiz and make a 100 before working in the shop.

Important Dates

September 7- West Texas Fair Lamb Show at Abilene

September 11- Booster Club Meeting at Ag Building at 7pm

September 28- State Fair of Texas begins

September 30- Market lamb show

November 8- District LDE's

November 17- Area LDE's


New Quality Counts verification test is now available for students to take!

Blackwell Boster Club Meeting!

Tuesday, Sep. 11th, 7pm

Ag shop

Family membership and Quality Counts Membership Verification.