From Dirty to Clean

What is the Process of Distilation?

It when you seperate clean water from bacteria and dirt. To do this you start with dirty water and the process is bassically when clean water evaporates and the dirt residue stays afloat in the big bowl or pan.

What are the steps involved?

- Dirty or contaminated water is put in a bowl

- Then a clean and smaller bowl is put in the center

- Then some cling wrap is put on the top and secured

- Something small and heavy is put on top of the cling wrap like a small rock or coin

- Then it is put in the sun

What is the distillate?

The Distilate is basically what is being distilated whih is the dirty water.

Give three products that result from the process of distillation

Clean water, Dirty water and Steam

Compare solar distillation to distillation performed in the Science Lab

Solar distillation in the lab is obviously done via machine so automatically and it is using fire. Then it is condensed through a specially made pipe. And when you do it yourself it is done manually using natural heat from the sun and raw, everyday materials.