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A rodent native to South America. In their native habitat, the Andes range in Chile, Peru, and Bolivia, chinchillas live in rocky burrows at altitudes above 8,000 feet (2,400 meters) (Britannica). They are native to the snow-capped Andes Mountains (Chinchilla). Wild population continues to decline due to habitat destruction and degradation, Occurs in barren. Typical habitat is rocky or sandy with a sparse cover of thorn shrubs, few herbs and forbs, scattered cacti, and patches of succulent bromeliads toward the coast (Long Tailed Chinchilla). Shelter in it mostly warm. Chinchillas live in social groups with about 14 to 100 members (chinchillas 2).
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They are relatively fast animals.(long tailed chinchilla) Can jump up to 6 ft.they have 4 legs and use them to jump high and move, they Run. They usually use there back legs.
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Body Covering

Covered in soft fur. Relativity around 14 inches. is known for the softest hair. bluish-gray color.(Britannica) relative the long-tailed chinchilla by its larger, stockier body and smaller ears(long tailed chinchilla). There fur helps them blend in with the rocky environment. What makes their fur so soft is that it has more than one hair coming from each follicle.(Chinchillas 2) Chinchillas are vertebrates cause they have a backbone. Chinchillas tend to shed. Head and body length: 225-380 mm Tail length: 75-150 mm.
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When the sun goes down, chinchillas pop up for a bite of grass(Kids News). consists of any available vegetation(short tailed chinchillas). Chinchillas get most of their water from the bark and grasses they eat. (chinchillas 2)They are herbivores. The diet stays the same as they grow.
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Chinchillas are sexual animals. A male and female begin their courtship by pulling out clumps of each others fur(Kids News). Females give birth to 1-6 young (usually 2 or 3) after a gestation period of around 3-4 months (long tailed chinchillas). New borns normally have hair already on their body's. The young are weaned at around 6-8 weeks, both males and females reach sexual maturity at around the age of 8 months(short tailed chinchillas). teeth, and their eyes open are already on them when there born. baby chinchillas are born by the mother.


They sleep mostly at Day time, and are moving during the night. (Britannica) my live as long as 20 years (Chinchilla). Lifespan is probably more than 10 years in the wild (long tailed chinchilla). Squirrel like animals.
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Other Info

  • You can keep chinchillas for a pet
  • guinea pigs cousins
  • chinchillas are really nice animals
  • people are killing chinchillas for there fur
  • It takes about 150 animals to make one coat!
  • there population is very low.
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