Is Social Media Controlling Us ....

By : Indigo Harris

How is social media controlling us .

Soical media is set up to communicate with friends it is also set up for marketing strategy. It is apart of our everyday life to give and recive information , keep up with you favoirte celebrity , listen to your favorite music. Soical media is apart of our lifes,

Who controls the internet ? "Many still think of social media as something that belongs to the people. After all, it’s folks like you and I that use these platforms and supply them with all of their content. But social media is very much a business, and its primary goal is the accumulation of wealth."

Soical media is gonna cause our world to become lonley

As time goes by our world will become more and more lonley , cause people to lack love , commuincation , and causing it to become hard for people to have one on one conversations.
The Innovation of Loneliness

How much time the average perosn spends on social media ? - graph showing a chart of how much time a person spends on each social media website.

In this graph the chart measures social networks in size, because the viewers of the websites reach is one of social media’s biggest advantages. "That’s why Facebook gets so much attention. With 1.2 billion monthly active users, it’s a beast."

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Celebrites the cause of to much Soical Meida usage?

Celebrities show us things , and tell us things and with us being fans we go along with it and we try to keep up with the latest trends ,