abraham lincoln

a significant man in history

Abraham Lincoln A Racial Rights Activist

Abraham Lincoln went through a lot of stress and trouble to free the enslaved African-Americans. He was president and even issued the emancipation proclamation. Lincoln also supported the Thirteenth Amendment though he was assassinated before it was acted apon


Throughout the civil war lincoln remained a firm strong leader. Even though he was deeply moved by the civil wars killing he remained un-faltered. And though the nation wanted to split apart he kept it together and kept foreign agents out.

Our President, Abraham Lincoln

emotional stress

Lincoln endured deep depression though he did not show nor act it. As a boy his mother died of milk sickness, and while a grown man 3 of his 4 children died. He was greatly affected by the killing of the civil war and very much hated to kill. He found comfort in animals and did not like to kill them, even for food.
This is all the information I could gouge/conjure up about lincoln. I hope you appreciate this significant figure in history.