Multiple Personality Disorder

Macee Hartt, 10/13/2015, Health- 6th

What is Multiple Personality Disorder?

a rare disorder in which two or more personalities with distinct memories and behavior patterns apparently exist in one individual personality. Some psychologists and psychiatrists believe that instances of demon possession recorded over the centuries may have really been MPD, but the first complete account of a patient with multiple personality disorder was written in 1865.

The Causes

The top causes for multiple personality disorder is some type of severe abuse. Emotional, sexual, physical, and/or verbal.


common symptoms for multiple personality disorder are impulsive, self- destructive behavior, self harm, mood swings, amnesia, blackout, altered conscious, depression, and anxiety. The most used treatment for MPD is therapy.

National Alliance on Mental Illness


Cleveland Clinic


Alternatives- Community life for people with disabilities

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