Spain is mostly Roman Catholics. Freedom of religion was allowed in the 1970's, made it possible for Spaniards to join other faiths.

Economic Activities:

Industry is a really huge thing in Spain. Spaniards make fabric, food, clothing including shoes, metal, ships, cars, tools, and chemicals. Also people work in service jobs, where people are paid to do work for others.


Spain has for languages. Castilian Spanish is the national language and is spoken by most people. Catalan, Galician, and Basque are regional languages.

Political Systems

Officially the Kingdom of Spain, is a sovereign state and a member state of the European Union.


Holidays: One of the most celebrated holidays are the Local Fiestas(celebrations). They are celebrated in honor of a Catholic patron, one who protects their city or town.

Music: Spanish and flamenco. Spanish music reflects the countries rich and traditional cultures, and flamenco is often though as the national music of Spain. (

Food: Spaniards eat a lot of fresh food. Soup, seafood, specially fish are very common in lunch and dinner oh and most families eat rice too. People use bread for most of their meals. One popular food is the tortilla espanola(omelette with potatoes and onions), they also eat tapas(small snacks), cafes, bars, olives sausages, spicy potatoes, and shrimp are a few popular tapas. Spaniard kids love to eat churros with hot chocolate.


Spain has some beautiful buildings.

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