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What was the Renaissance?

The Renaissance is defined as "the activity, spirit, or time of the great revival of art, literature, and learning in Europe beginning in the 14th century and extending to the 17th century, marking the transition from the medieval to the modern world." The renaissance was marked by a return to classic ideas and cultures. Artists, scientists, and the scholars began to look at the cultures and achievements of Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome, study their texts and create new things and accomplishments inspired by their culture and styles.

The Renaissance: an introduction

How Did It Start?

The Renaissance started in Florence, Italy. The main cause of how it started was because of the abundance of artists, writers, architects, and bussinessmen of Italy. Florence was filled with wealthy merchants and businessmen who possessed the money to hire artisans and craftspeople. This inspired competitions among thousands of artists and thinkers. Soon art began to flourish and new thoughts began to emerge leading to the rise of the Renaisance movement.

Where Did It Start?

The renaissance began in Italy (specifically in the Italian cities of Florence and Venice) during the Late Middle Ages and later spread to the rest of Europe. The main “birthplace” was the northern city states of Northern Italy.

Why There?

The unique atmosphere of some Northern Italian cities produced an atmosphere of learning and artistic expression.

Cities in northern Italy such as Florence, Venice, and Rome were wealthy due to trade and banking, which created a class of businessmen. These men became patrons to individual artists providing them with the funds, residences, and other necessities so that they might focus on using their talents to create paintings, sculpture, literature, and beautiful features of architecture. This funded many artists to create more artwork. This allowed more artowork to be made. Overall, the reason the beginning of the Renaissance took place in Italy was simply the money found there.

Also, Italians felt that they needed to bring Roman culture back with a return to philosophy, literature, and art. Funding, heritage, and a shift in world view all led to the birth of the Renaissance in the northern city states of Italy.
Renaissance Art

How did it change the world?

The Renaissance had a large impact on the world that has continued to effect the world even now. It completely changed the way people think. It changed human awareness and religion lost some of its tight control over everyone's lives. There was an explosion in cultural forms of art, such as mannerism and baroque, and people also shared ideas regarding society and politics. Work created during the Renaissance is still being studied today. Some of the greatest artists and artwork emerged during this era. It was an absolute advancement for humanity.
Essential Question: How did culture effect the ideas introduced and outcome of the Renaissance?